Nazera Pandora Members replied

260 weeks ago

PLD - Garuda

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Meow Admin replied

260 weeks ago

MNK garuda

Akk Alala Inactive replied

260 weeks ago

WHM - Chimera

Edit: I'm not in any kind of rush to get the WHM relic (or subsequent relics) as I'd prefer to spend my tomestones on Monk gear, or gear for SCH+WHM.
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Vera Sans Members replied

260 weeks ago

On titan for pld now

Rexen Flexx Inactive replied

259 weeks ago


Crewel Lye Inactive replied

259 weeks ago


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Murugan Raj Admin replied

259 weeks ago

I might not be online in time for chimera tomorrow feel free to start without me!

wigett replied

259 weeks ago

I need Titan. Wigett Digett Please help. im on your server, have only been doing pugs, done this over 30 times, with no win. i have gotten past the heart phase the last 15 times, but someone seems to mess up each time.

i have ifrits bow, and 3 DL items. im about to get my 4th. i am also trying to do Garuda for her bow, but it never seems to drop. im in the Est. time zone. generally online between 4pm and 10pm est. and sat/sun. would really like help in doing this. thanks.

Ratha Saran replied

259 weeks ago

Progression: Titan (Paladin A Relic Reborn)
Gear: Full Darklight
Experience: Down to 10% as of 7 AM eastern this morning (9/30/2013)

Hey Guys,

Not with you yet but very interested, read some of your posts and like your attitudes/play.

I'm on Titan as a Paladin (put a lot of time in on him and know his moves etc well) but have had a horrid time trying to get a solid group. If you need/want a tank toss me an invite!

Will hunt someone down for LS invite in meantime :-D

Shon Members replied

259 weeks ago

Finished WAR

Need Chimera BLM

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