Mioh Nir Admin replied

246 weeks ago

Rampantly unofficial chat by some dude with Yoshi-P after a GDC talk

One of my questions was regarding the current state of the game challenges Free Companies with finding things to do as a large guild. Especially with a lack of same server alliancing, the Frontlines content and most users spending their time in pugged Duty Finder experiences–I simply asked what real tangible content can we do as a large group together to bond on the same server?

He said this hasn't been announced yet, but between now and 2.3 they are planning to implement features, bonuses and incentives for FC members to do stuff together to basically help limit down the individualism.

So that's a bit encouraging. I'd rather have real progression content that we can do with a larger group, but bonuses could also be nice.

Murugan Raj Admin replied

246 weeks ago

Yeah from what I hear though it will be like granting additional company points (used to buy actions) when people queue for stuff with members of their FC.

This will be nice when we are ranking up, but the rest of the time it doesn't seem to make a big impact.

Alliance raiding would be much better =(

LisaDaecher replied

37 weeks ago

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