Nullsign replied

244 weeks ago


I am an ilvl 84 PLD looking to join some people to play with late night. I hit 50 a week before 2.2 came out and may be a bit green, but I do take tanking a bit seriously.

I do not want to be considered "hardcore", but I do feel it is my responsibility to be prepared and knowledgeable before leading people into a fight. Even while leveling I would watch two or three vids on a new dungeon or fight before attempting it. Tho, when 2.2 came out it was a blast exploring the new dungeons before anyone new what they were about.

Currently I am mostly free to play between 10pm and 3am PST. My schedule wiggles each week, but 10pm is normally the latest I will be getting home. I hope to soon leverage myself into a slightly earlier work schedule.

I really do like the FC I am currently in. But, there is not much room for the new guy in any steady groups and I have not been able to sneak into any Coil. And with PF Coil groups the tanks are either full or there is a ilvl 90 requirement.

And as far as non-endgame progression, I always love helping new people through content and it is a great feeling when my trust in them is rewarded.

Please whisper me ingame at Nullsign (someterriblelastnameIwishIcanchange). I look forward to hearing from you.

Mioh Nir Admin replied

243 weeks ago

Hello Nullsign; thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, 10pm might not be a good fit for us, as it usually works best to start events at 9pm PST. Asking you to rearrange your work schedule on anything less than a guarantee of running content regularly with us would be extreme as well, and we can't commit to that.

If you'd like an invite to the LS anyway, for the occasional late content run, PM me the full name of your character.
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